Slide Your Pediatric Dentistry Clinic The dental health of our little ones is our priority, which is why we see them from the age of one month to solve any problems that may improve their dental development or jaw growth in time. We take care of their mouth to ensure a healthy and calm evolution. BOOK APPOINTMENT Slide Your paediatric dentistry clinic In our clinic we think that the dental health of the little ones is a priority, that's why we start to see them from 1 month of life, because a solution in time can improve their dental health and the growth of their jaws. The future of our mouth begins when we are children. BOOK APPOINTMENT

Pediatric dentistry treatments

Our goal is to make children comfortable while caring for their mouths and to have stress- free check-ups. We use behavior management techniques and minimum intervention to make your experience pleasant.


The goal is to treat them immediately, avoiding complications later. We use minimal intervention techniques and remineralizing techniques.


We help children treat hypoplasia, hypomineralization (MIH), and alterations in the formation of the adult teeth enamel before they cause problems so that they can keep their teeth for their entire life.


Fixing functions that alter the proper development of the jaws and dentofacial structures, such as irregular swallowing, improper lip seals, and other functions, as early and easily as possible.


We treat emergencies, assessing the damages and providing a conservative functional and aesthetic solution, along with post-treatment, to ensure the proper development of the traumatized tooth.


Learn the importance of proper brushing techniques.


Monitoring children's oral development is essential for detecting future problems and educating them on proper hygiene and cleaning habits.

Clinical cases

Molar incisor hypomineralisation syndrome


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